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Wide 2-in-1 Cat Litter Box Table

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This attractive contemporary 2-in-1 cat litter box and tabletop send the message that you care about your cat and the look of your living space as well. With this original end table, your litter box will be discrete while still maintaining easy access for your loved one, a perfect disguise for anyone looking to hide their cat’s litter box. Solid double doors conceal the litter box while a hole in the side provides access for your pet to easily enter and do their business. Easy to clean and even easier to look at, this multi-functional cat litter box and table will compliment your existing decor, keep the litter contained within the structure, and give your cat the privacy it deserves.


Features and Benefits

  • Adjustable cat entrance for either side litter box
  • Spacious enough interior space to store numerous supplies and organize items inside
  • Modular partition
  • Fully-wooden cabinet with wainscot paneling
  • Pure wooden finish
  • Environment compatible colors
  • Litter boxes of various sizes such as extra-large, jumbo size, and automated can all be placed within the cabinet
  • A pre-cut hole on the table rear panel
  • Completely conceals litter boxes
  • Can accommodate two litter pans internally
  • Litter box cannot be used as seating bench

Weights & Dimensions 

Overall 22.5'' H x 43.5'' W x 21.25'' D
Overall Product Weight

50 lbs

Weight Capacity 67 lbs                       

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