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Cat Scratching Mat with Spinnable DJ deck

  • $49.95


Clever and Modern pet accesorries wants to introduce you to the newest cat / box combination, the scratch mat! Cats scratch furniture to mark the territory, exercise their muscles and for sheer pleasure. The decks come flat packed and fold together into a simple structure with pose-able tone arm and a top which spins as your cat paws at it meaning you can sit and giggle in a "Look the Cat is doing human things" way rather than watch in horror as the shreds your favorite couch into tiny pieces.


  • Perfect for cool cats
  • Folds together easily supplied with instructions
  • Cardboard, mixing deck shaped cat scratching mat with spinnable deck and poseable tone arm

    Weights & Dimensions

    • Overall: 15.28" H x 13.78" W x 5.67" D
    • Overall Product Weight: 0.97 lbs

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    1-2 Weeks

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