Best 7 Cat Hidden Box Furniture

#7 "Hidden Cat Litter Chest"  

Sporting a country rustic style, this solid pine chest features an entrance on the rear which maintains the clean look of this fantastic hidden litter box. The distressed finish in brown adds warmth to any room and the rear entrance discourages children and dogs from trying to enter the chest.   Shop Here 



#6 "ROUND LITTLE BOX FOR MESSY CATS   "Round Little Box For Messy Cats "

Keep your house clean with this unique litter box design that allows cats to enter easily through the top while keeping dogs at bay. The grated top cleans your cat's paws on their way out, preventing litter from being tracked onto the floor and around the house  Shop Here 

Cat Litter box

#5 "Composite Cat Litter Box End Table"

This cat litter box makes the list because of its solid design and eco-friendly profile. Made from reclaimed wood/recycled plastic composite, this cat litter box table won't absorb water or retain odors and since the color is within the composite material, scratches and dents are less noticeable. Shop Here

#4 "Contempo Cat Hider Litter Box"

The modern look of this enclosed cat litter box features a gloss white finish that adds a touch of class to any room. The extra wide entrance ensures that even larger cats can be accommodated with this elegant table.   Shop Here



#3 Modern Cat Litter Box Hidden In A Table

Solid, sturdy and practical, this multifunctional cat litter box table not only looks great but also features a storage drawer and rear panels that can accommodate charcoal filter inserts to keep odors under control.  Shop Here

#2  "Kitty Face Cat Litter Box Furniture" 

With a mid-century inspired design, this gorgeous Kitty Face litter box hider adds to any contemporary decor. Its size also perfectly accommodates larger cats and automatic cat litter boxes. The two level tabletop propels this beautiful 2 in 1 onto the list.  Shop Here


# 1 "Hidden Cat Litter Box End Table"

This Cat litter box is perfect for the bathroom because of its warm white color, handy towel bar and two level table top, perfect for washcloths, magazines, flat screen, or any other design element. Your pet will love it.  Shop Here



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